Kitchen 2.0

My friend Star Simpson and I co-authored this piece a couple of months back, and I love that I’m still getting feedback on it! Love that there are so many entrepreneurs tackling this space.

Introductory excerpt below:

We are collectively obsessed with food these days. Since the launch of the Food Network in 1993, TV shows such as Iron Chef and Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservation have become immensely popular. Modernist Cuisine, a 52-pound masterpiece published in 2011, was deemed “the cookbook to end all cookbooks” and the term “foodie” entered the mainstream lexicon. We spend hours staring into the kitchens of others, and at HD renderings of exquisite meals. But, while Americans have become more familiar with the newest celebrity chefs and the hottest food trends (e.g. Cronuts! Liquid nitrogen ice cream!), we are also collectively spending less and less time in our own kitchens.

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